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Mobile games

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Analytic application

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BloomboardGroup is a group of unconventional people linked by a common denominator - a passion to develop the businesses of our customers.

One of the pillars of our business activities is an Influencer Marketing. We offer a range of services to help create a buzz around your business, product, or service. Our range of services covers all stages of the Influencer Marketing campaign - from planning through implementation to results reporting.
We are a team of professionals with experience in software development. Our goal is to support our customers business by providing, in the assumed time, the highest quality software that meets their goals and needs. We attach great importance to the careful implementation of each stage of the project, from gathering system requirements, preparing models and nutritious graphics, creating optimal architecture for programming, the implementation of modules and documentation. In each of these phases we conduct a series of tests to ensure the highest quality product.
We create mobile games for Android, iOS and WindowsPhone. Each new project on which we work is preceded by a careful interviews and a research that will help to achieve the predetermined goals. We attach great importance to the careful implementation of each stage of the project, starting from the concept, to feedback gathering from users during opened or closed tests.
Multifunctional application dedicated to e-commerce businesses. Its task is to streamline business management processes, marketing and results analysis. Clean interface allows for intuitive use of applications regardless of the device.


We make venturesome ideas grow and bloom

The foundation, the basis of our activity is the pro-growth attitude. Our goal is to replace the bold ideas into flourishing businesses that will leave a mark on the market and in the minds of consumers. With the creation of pioneering technological solutions and professional marketing service we want to help our customers getting into the minds of consumers and leaving there the feeling of curiosity and excitement.