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Nowadays it is hard to imagine spending free time without playing video games. We do it at home, alone or with friends through the internet. We play on the way to work and school... The importance of games as a promotional tool is rising, that is why many companies use this type of mold to attract the customer's attention. Our goal is to provide high-quality entertainment and fun by creating great video games. We create mobile games for Android, iOS and WindowsPhone. Each new project on which we work is preceded by a careful interviews and a research that will help to achieve the predetermined goals. We attach great importance to the careful implementation of each stage of the project, starting from the concept, to feedback gathering from users during opened or closed tests.


Creating concept

Developing the concept of the game according to the specified requirements. Adapting it to a specific target group, selecting type of entertainment, model of interaction between players.


Production of the game consists of processes such as: Pre-production, design engine of the game, concept arts, 2D graphics, 3D graphics, programming and product development.

Graphic design

Creating a concept arts, 3D modeling and 2D drawing, everything that is related to the design of high-quality graphics. The whole project is being supervised by an experienced chief designer.

Game localization

Localization is the process of adapting the game to the conditions prevailing in the local environment. Creating a proper language version, cultural fitting, integration with a local software, recording soundtracks and testing.

Publication of the game

Putting the game in stores like Google Play or the App Store with attractive descriptions and graphic materials presenting the product.
We implement new, creative and unique ideas to life.

Quality Policy


We test the software at every stage of its implementation - it allows a rapid elimination of errors of all types, for example. UX, functionality, security, performance, etc. before they become a serious threat to the project.


We use Scrum. One of its main purposes is our continuous and ongoing cooperation with the customers, so that they could give us opinions on a product at every stage of its creation. It also allows virtually immediate identification of current threats to the project.

Continuous integration

We work in accordance with the practices of continuous integration which also allows earlier detection of errors and reduces the cost and a time that is needed to combine effects of the work of the whole team.


Security of our customers data is very important for us. We provide it through good programming practices, SSL encryption of transmitted data, appropriate configuration of servers and internal security procedures.


Before publication we verify the performance of our application in relation to the traffic forecast by a customer, so that start of the application is possible in trouble-free way for the customer.

Project management

We use project management system, with a client-access. As a result, the entire implementation process is monitored, and we work more efficiently.


After the publication of the software, we do not leave the customer without the support - we guarantee free support service for 12 months, after the publication of the software.

Response time

The maximum response time for each client notification is the end of the next working day.

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