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Content Marketing Offer

Building strategies

Creating content marketing strategy, including the audience, communication channels and desired outcomes. Precise determination of the scope and direction of activities. Profiling strategies for the SEO.

Help in a theme choosing

Inspiring in terms of the subject of a content, help in choosing the appropriate form of the content and recommending the best solutions, taking into account the target group and the purpose of the campaign.

Production of content

Creating a high quality content in a variety of forms. We specialize in expert articles, blog posts, case studies, e-books. We also offer graphic content such as aesthetic infographics, illustrations and presentation templates.

Measurement results

The survey results of the campaign using a wide range of indicators. Measuring ROI (lead generation, conversion, sales) and traffic (blog success, site visits, page visits, keyword progress, engagement).
We help brands achieving their communication objectives through the planning, creation, and distribution of content that inspires audiences to take action.

What can we do for you?

Influencer Marketing Offer

Building strategies

Developing comprehensive strategies in the field of Influencer marketing, planning operations and communication channels. Analysis of the possibility of reaching the target group and recommendations on methods to implement in the strategy.

The selection of individually selected group of inluencers

Profiling inluencers targeted to specific groups of people, proposing possible suggestions for their use.

Engaging brand ambassadors

Recognizing the needs of the brand and engaging respective ambassadors. Creating ideas for content and activities taken by the ambassadors.

Intermeding between Influencers and a company

Establishing contacts with inflencers, negotiating, agreeing on the terms of cooperation. Developing a model and a range the actions.

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