BloomIT - mobile applications

Virtually everyone now has a smartphone or other mobile device, which gives companies a number of new, enormous opportunities. Following this trend, we create dedicated mobile applications on Android, iOS and WindowsPhone. We single out the following types of applications:

Native applications

applications made specifically for a certain group of devices using native development environment and tools dedicated to a selected group of devices; they are prepared and compiled individually per platform so that they can take full advantage of the platform, both in terms of user-friendly interface created in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications, performance, security, or access to tools specific to the operating system; whereas the costs and delivery time of application in the case of cross-platform applications are significantly higher; Such applications are installed on each device that wants to use it (which can sometimes give rise to potential compatibility troubles of selected models of mobile devices with the application) and the most commonly distributed through online stores such as: Google Play; native applications do not require a permanent connection to the Internet, unless of course it does not arise from the same functional requirements of the application; technologies for mobile platforms: Android - Java, iOS - Objective C, Windows Mobile - .NET (C #);

Hybrid applications

Applications that combine the web and mobile applications, where the web application runs within the native application; This type combines the advantages (but also some drawbacks) of web applications and native unification cross-platform, access to the tools platform-specific, the lack of requirements of Internet connection, as long as it does not arise from the same functional requirements of applications, lower costs and time of manufacture and multiplatform applications service and consistency of the interface; the defects that must be mentioned - the slightly lower performance than the native applications (albeit with the support of the manufacturers of this type of solution and development of mobile platforms these differences are likely to be gradually reduced) and the fact that installation is been made on a terminal device, which can sometimes give rise to potential compatibility troubles on some models of mobile devices with the application;

Choosing the type of application mainly depends on the customers needs, we can support our customers with our knowledge and experience in both the time of the selection of technology, type of application, as well as create an application each of the above types. Our applications implement such functionalities as:

video and camera support
service notifications on the phone
QR codes support
integration with beacons (Eddystone, iBeacon)
mobile payments support
able to operate offline
integration with external systems via REST API
and many others...