BloomIT - dedicated desktop applications

Desktop applications are now less common form of software, but still, they have their own advantages. Such applications are installed on the user's terminal equipment, which makes it necessary to adapt them to different operating systems, however they compensate it with greater opportunities for accessing certain features or devices of the computer itself. They also do not require access to the Internet, as long as the requirements of the application itself does not provide otherwise. In addition, it is believed (but it is not always true in our opinion), that the data contained in the desktop application is safer from the point of view of business, because they are either on the device itself, where the application is installed, or on a server located in the company.

Desktop applications

Nowadays frequently used applications for desktop are, for example, accounting or invoice software, however functionalities avaiable in a desktop application may vary greatly, as this depens mainly on the needs of the company. You can also combine recently popular web applications with desktop, what allows each company to select the most beneficial solution.