BloomIT - dedicated Internet applications

We are aware of the fact that each company is different and has a unique mode of action and its unique needs. Responding to these expectations we came out with the applications "tailored" and perfectly adapted to the needs of the customer. An additional advantage of such an application is a full flexibility as far as the possibility of integration with the other systems already operating in the company. Dedicated web application does not have to be an expensive one, a key element in the process of creating such an application by us is a detailed analysis of a customer needs and creating a proper functional design. It is a first stage that we offer to our customers, after the completion of the analytical work - client, with a full knowledge on the possibilities of the application, its cost and a time needed for the creation, and knowledge of exactly which aspects of the company will be enabled to be automated or improved, can decide what further steps are the best for his business. Of course, we can serve with our support as a part of the entire process of creating a dedicated application, but the analytical phase is invaluable in this process.

Web applications

Applications running in the browser, installed on the Web server, which simplifies the process of maintenance and updates. Moreover, such applications are available on virtually any computer, allowing you to work with different devices, regardless of your location. Their limitation is the need for the Internet access, they do not have the access to certain functions or the equipment of the end-user computer.

Our dedicated applications can provide such functionalities as:

customer relationship management CRM
administrative management and organization of the work in the company
workflow management in the company
production management
extended trading platforms support
integration with external systems, such as, for example, storage system, accountant or sales
integration of online payment
advanced reporting and data analytics
and many others…