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We are a team of experienced professionals, with many years of experience in software development in .NET and Java. Our goal is to support our customers business by providing, in the assumed time, the highest quality software that meets their goals and needs. We attach great importance to the careful implementation of each stage of the project, from gathering system requirements, preparing models and nutritious graphics, creating optimal architecture for programming, the implementation of modules and documentation. In each of these phases we conduct a series of tests to ensure the highest quality product.


Mobile applications

Virtually everyone now has a smartphone or other mobile device, which gives companies a number of new, enormous opportunities. Following this trend, we create dedicated mobile applications on Android, iOS and WindowsPhone.

Web applications

The Internet has been available in virtually every home and office for a long time, hence the enduring popularity of web applications. They allow working with different devices and irrespective of the location, what results in new ways that can be expanded in each business. We create dedicated web applications, offering its support at every stage of their creation.

Desktop applications

It is now less popular form of software, but still it has its advantages. Following new trends on one hand, we try not to lose sight of best practices on another – that is why we offer our support for the creation and development of desktop applications.

Analysis and Reporting

Our flagship application, Bloometrics, is dedicated to e-commerce. However, in order to share our experience on data and reporting, with the companies from the other sectors, we also offer widely understood analytics data, which purpose is to optimize the operation of the company.
We build digital products designed to succeed.

Quality Policy


We test the software at every stage of its implementation - it allows rapid elimination of errors of all types, for example. UX, functionality, security, performance, etc. before they become a serious threat to the project.


We use Scrum. One of its main purposes is our continuous and ongoing cooperation with the customers, so that they could give us opinions on a product at every stage of its creation. It also allows virtually immediate identification of current threats in the project.

Continuous integration

We work in accordance with the practices of continuous integration which also allows earlier detection of errors and reduces the cost and a time that is needed to combine effects of the work of the whole team.


Security of our customers data is a very important for us. We provide it through good programming practices, SSL encryption of transmitted data, appropriate configuration of servers and internal security procedures.


Before publication we verify the performance of our application in relation to the traffic forecast by a customer, so that start of the application is possible in trouble-free way for the customer.

Project management

We use project management system, with a client-access. As a result, the entire implementation process is monitored, and we work more efficiently.


After the publication of the software, we do not leave the customer without the support - we guarantee free support service for 12 months, after the publication of the software.

Response time

The maximum response time for each client notification is the end of the next working day.
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